• Increasing sales from the site
  • Increasing target audience of the site
  • Good visibility of the site in the search engines
Increasing traffic and sales. The result will be visible after 1 month of intensive work.

Search engine optimization – SiteUp

Business gradually redirects itself to the Internet: the number of homepages increases, whereas the population of Latvia decreases. Without the search engine optimization, the clients will not be able to find your website. Making the search engine optimization ensures that the clients will come to you, not to your competitors.

Our task is to improve the sales on your homepage. To achieve this task, we need to ensure the positive evaluation of your page in the search engines. As a result, your offers will be on the first places of search results, and this will attract people who will call you, buy your goods, and order your services.

We are working on the Latvian market and we know it very well; we know what our customers need and look for. This knowledge allows us to improve the websites in such a way that they will attract the clients, tell about the products/services, and improve their sales!


During our long and distinguished work with clients we have created packs that allow us to effectively promote different kinds of sites: one page landing sites, corporate sites, and online shops, as well as the large websites, services, and bulletin boards.
Pack A
Suitable for small sites and corporate portals
  • Content recommendations
  • Site code optimization
  • Advertisement on AdWords
  • Advertisement on Facebook
  • Advertisement on Draugiem.lv
From 30 €
Pack B
Suitable for online shops and large commercial projects
  • Includes pack A
  • Writing of snippets
  • Changes on texts
  • Indexation monitoring
  • Error monitoring
  • Positions monitoring
From 50 €
Pack C
Suitable for large internet portals, online hypermarkets and services
  • Includes packs A and B
  • Article writing
  • Infographics development
  • Links insertion
  • Analysis of behavioral factors
  • A-B testing
  • Competitors monitoring
From 100 €

Our clients

  • Small and medium business Small and medium business
  • Online shops and e-commerce projects Online shops and e-commerce projects
  • Manufacturing companies and startups Manufacturing companies and startups
  • Internet services and content projects Internet services and content projects

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