Does your website (domain) belong to you?

In my practice, I had the following situation once: the client did not know that his site’s domain does not belong to him. The background for such situations is usually typical: the site was created a long time ago, and the client pays for hosting. The developers who created the site registered it on their name (because it was easier to do so; this is also a way to secure receiving the money for the work done), so basically the domain belongs to them. And if they will not give the domain to you voluntarily, you will not be able to prove anything.

One company once had to look for the programmer all around the Great Britain (he emigrated to pick strawberries, so to speak). There was also a case with Lattelecom: another company rented a post server from them back in 1997, and the domain rights were given to the real owner only after a month of phone calls and correspondence.

How to check if your domain really belongs to you

First you need to visit There you need to choose ”WHOIS” from the menu, and press the button ”Piekrītu” to comply with their policy. Then you need to enter your domain name and code, and press ”Enter”. The name of the owner will be shown in the paragraph called ”Domēnavārda lietotājs”. If you see your e-mail address and requisites there, then everything is OK; if not, the phone number of the domain owner is written below.


By the way, the paragraph “Tehniskā kontaktpersona” is created especially for your hosters or your servicing company. They can operate your domain, if they have this privilege, but you can change type of their access at any moment.

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