Search engine optimization

What the search engine optimization actually does:

  1. It increases the amount of visits.
  2. Attracts potential customers.
  3. Increases sales amount.

What does the search engine optimization consist of?

  1. Full analysis of the site and removal of any technical faults that do not let the site to take first places in the search results.
  2. Analysis of competitors’ sites, determining their advantages and disadvantages
  3. Choosing keywords and phrases that will help the customers to find your website.
  4. Working with external factors that influence the website promotion
  5. Analysis of the visitor behaviour.

Our main goal is to place your site among the first of the search results, so that the clients interested in what you offer will visit it and buy your wares and services.

Our advantages:

  • You will see the results of our work already after one month;
  • We provide our clients with clear and detailed reporting;
  • We work with representatives of small, medium-sized, and big business enterprises.

How much does it cost?

Starting budget begins from 30 EUR per month, and depends on the results of the website audit. The final price of the service will depend on the several factors: occupation, market features, keyword nuances, and the essence of the task.

We are experienced in promoting websites that are oriented not only on Latvian market, but on the European market, too.

We successfully promote websites of the following categories:

  • Education
  • Financial projects
  • Dating sites
  • Tourism
  • E-commerce
  • Blogs
  • Medical services
  • Plane tickets
  • Insurance
  • Cookery
  • Games
  • Mass media

How to order a search engine optimization

You can think about making a decision for months, or you can get the significant results already after a couple of weeks.

It is easy to start working with “SiteUp”:

  1. Fill in the application form on our website
  2. Wait for the response from our manager
  3. Discuss the terms and conditions
  4. Enter into a contract